Rajdevi Engineering Consultant (P) Ltd.

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Mission / Vision


To be a well preferred nationally and globally recognized Geospatial Business Company providing consulting services with capacity,compentency and quality.


To provide consulting services in Surveying and mapping,Civil and Constructing Engineering,Project Management and Design, Technology transfer in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing,adopting interdisciplinary approach undertaking corporate responsibilities.


For our clients – providing survey, design, consulting, structural engineering and investigation for the infrastructure development envelope, that facilitates the survey, design, operation, repair, and construction of safe, serviceable structures, and infrastructure facilities, while bringing added value through creative and practical problem solving skills and a focus on maximizing the client’s experience and success.

For our clients, not only through the science and art of consulting and engineering, but through our client approach, communication, and quality control, in an effort to help add order and structure to your project and your business. Our goal is that “the quality of your experience working with us on the project will be as memorable and remarkable as the quality of the work product you receive from us”.

Finally, our input must yield the maximum value added for our clients.

Our Business Philosophy

RajDevi Engineering Consultant (P) Ltd. exists to provide survey, design, consulting, and engineering services to clients nationally and internationally on infrastructure development of all types, complexity and size. We work to build long-term relationships with the people and organizations we serve, in an effort to facilitate competitive and successful projects, and add order and structure to the engineering and design realm of our clients’ businesses. We exist to create the best solutions for the project via technical ingenuity, experience and expertise, a responsive client approach, and a continual pursuit of excellence in all that we do.