Rajdevi Engineering Consultant (P) Ltd.

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RajDevi Engineering Consultant has been established in 2007/2/04 A.D (2063/10/21 B.S.).It has been developing its reputation as one of the Nepal's Premier Engineering and Remote Sensing (RS)/Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based consulting firms. Its aim to provide engineering and Remote Sensing (RS)/Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services to a country and develop people’s life style. 

Rajdevi Engineering Consultant was finally converted into a Private Limited Company to meet the professional obligations of additional workloadsin broad spectra in 2012/5/14 (B.S. 2069/02/01).Itstop management of the Company is composed of a Managing Director and one Director. Specialist level engineers of different disciplines and economists work in an atmosphere of complete interaction with the Director. Supporting the upper level are secretarial staff, technicians, surveyors and drafts-persons whose contribution cannot be discounted in the functioning of the company.

  •  Rajdevi: is committed to maintaining the highest possible professional standards in all the work it carries out and the services the firm provides. 

  • Integrity: We embrace the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Our business principles are never compromised. 

  • People: Our people are our most important competitive resource – the true assets of our firm. It is only through our people that our greater vision can be realized. 

  • Teamwork: Teamwork is fundamental to our culture. We respect and value input and opinion, and encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. We treat each other with trust and respect.